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Old Loyalty, New Love (L'Ange #1), Fighting Instinct (L'Ange, #2), and Chosen Pride (L'Ange, #3). ISBN ; File Formats epub, mobi, pdf His Consort is every single thing I love about a Mary Calmes book with the. The Warder Series by Mary Calmes. Mary Calmes - The Warder Series 1 - His KB. Mary Calmes - The Warder Series 2 - Tooth and

As how it should be.

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But i also loved that Jason accepted that. He accepted every single part of Varic. Good, bad, and ugly. The way unconditional love is. So it can be awkward.

But they both realized they needed to talk. They needed more than just the mate bond.

They needed the connection to that lasts a lifetime. Overall, I loved the book. It was packed with action, chemistry, plots and more. Give it a go.

See what you think. Want More on Dec 14, Reviewed by Erin for Diverse Reader So what do you do when one of your all-time favorite authors writes a new book that's about a subject that's not on your go-to list of favorites? Well if that author is none other than the ever fabulous Mary Calmes you read the book anyway!

I'll be honest, vampire books are not my usual thing, but when I found out Mary was going to be writing one, I knew I was going to read it.

And boy am I glad I did! His Consort is every single thing I love about a Mary Calmes book with the added spiciness of blood, a teeny bit of violence, and the New Orleans setting was perfect for the vibe of the story.

He's an ex-Special Forces soldier and has moved to New Orleans for a new start. It doesn't take long for him to start noticing the unusual things around him. The unusual things are, of course, vampyrs.

No Quick Fix by Mary Calmes

I really enjoyed the way Mary gave us the back story and the world building she did to set the scene. Yes, it was a lot of information but in her usual way, it flowed seamlessly and really helped immerse me into the world and the story.

Jason is adorable and in typical Mary fashion, finds himself in the midst of trouble without even knowing how he got there. The thing about a Calmes book is you know what you're going to get without even reading the first page.

It doesn't make her books ordinary though, and even though there is insta-love and a huge cast of secondary characters with lots of humor and sexy times and sharp, fast paced dialogue, each book of hers is just so much fun.

His Consort is no different. Yeah, once Jason figures out what's going on around him and that vampyrs are among his daily life, it doesn't take him long to become a central figure. Enter the vampyr prince, Varic.

Piece of Cake

These two had chemistry like whoa and with the added element of blood and being a mate and the paranormal, it was even more intense. This is a fun book. Hadrian and Tiago please and thank you! I am so glad Mary tried something new and I can only hope this is the first book of a series because I know I'm not alone in wanting more of this world.

His Consort on Nov 26, Mary, this must be a series In true Calmes style, our character is too trusting of the world and therefore gets himself into dire trouble almost from page one. The difference being Jason has the military training to back up most of his impulsive actions.

By lolo on Nov 21, I love a good paranormal romance, especially vampires. I was intrigued by this story by Mary Calmes.

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For the most part, I enjoyed the characters. Triago and Hadrian were my favorites and I really hope they get a book. First of all, fuck you. Then Dante's Alpha Male dick takes over and completely molests Noah in public, while the only thing coming out of Noah's mouth is "no.

Even if 'you' think their butthole is screaming yes, if their mouth is saying no But did Dante? Uh, nope.

And this from the same guy who deserted a marriage to "respect Noah's wishes. Yeah, fuck you, dude. But at least he used a condom.

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Ever the gentleman. I so wanted to kick that Alpha bullshit right in the chestnuts.

Then, oh yes, not one case, but TWO cases of my number one "oh, hell no! Even if he had decided it wasn't going to work with them, break up FIRST, then go get banged like a loose storm shutter in hurricane Katrina. NOT before! And all of this made me sad, because I really liked Noah and how he was raising his daughter all alone.Rebecca Yarros. Grow a pair. Even a monster - especially when it's time to say goodbye Maya Banks.

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If they couldn't reach out to him, he would be right to reject them utterly. But an hour after meeting? Lora Leigh.

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