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Dinosaur Training - Brooks volwarmdilanmi.cf Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska · हिन्दी · Español . Picture a powerful, physically perfect physique Picture the physique that YOU want to build through Dinosaur Bodyweighl Training. Begin at the top. A powerful . Hail to the Dinosaurs! As you may know, we've switched from a hardcopy version of the. Dinosaur Files monthly newsletter to a PDF version.

He decided to begin a running program. After all, he reasoned, if he was going to lick his asthma, he should begin with the type of exercise that was hardest and most difficult for an asthmatic. Besides, running was something he could do with no equipment, and it was something his parents would never see. The next morning, he got up early and left for school while it was still dark. He needed to be sure that no one saw him.

He stepped out of the house, walked down the drive and around the high hedge on the side of his parents' yard. He was out of sight. He started to run. His lungs began to scream in agony after less than half a block. He ignored the pain and kept on going. He forced himself to run the entire distance. At the end, he reached the schoolyard and plopped down onto the ground, gasping for air, choking for oxygen, and covered in sweat. He lay under a large hedge for 20 or 30 minutes, out of sight so no one would sec him.

When he woke up on the second day of his journey, he was so stiff and sore he could hardly move. His muscles ached with almost unendurable pain. He hobbled around the house as if he were an arthritic octogenarian. His parents were so concerned that they almost didn't let him go to school. He only escaped by saying he had an important test he had to take that day. He really did have a test to take. It was a test of his fortitude.

A test of his mettle. He went out in the cold, gray morning, walked down the drive, rounded the hedge and started to run. Slowly at first, and then even more slowly as every muscle fiber in his body screamed in shrill protest.

After half a block, it hurt so badly he almost quit. He hurl far more than he had the first day. His lungs felt as if they were being crushed by a gigantic, inhuman hand.

There was a small park at the end of the block. He made it. The mad looped around the side of the park. It was a distance of two blocks on the residential side of the street across from the park. A single long, looping block on the park side. He pushed forward, step by step, lighting against the pain.

He made it to the far side of the park. The sidewalk curved up a slight hill. There was a side street at the top of the hill. A block at a time. The third day was much like the second day. The fourth day was the same.

Dinosaur Training

Rain always made his asthma worse. The run that morning almost killed him. He slipped and fell, ripping his pants at the knee and scraping a huge wound that oozed blood for the rest of the run. But he got up and kept going. He kept it up. When it rained, he ran in the rain. When it was hot. When it was cold, he ran in the cold. But he ran every day without fail. His parents never knew. He never told them. It was agony at first, sheer torture as he made his daily run.

Bu he stuck with it. And slowly, gradually, something happened that the medical man would have thought was impossible. The daily run started to become easier — and as it did, a miracle happened. His asthma disappeared. The little invalid went on with his training, and not only played sports but soon excelled in them. In high school, he was the captain of the wrestling team, a fierce and feared competitor who clawed and roared his way into the ranks of the state wrestling champions - the top one tenth of one percent of all high school wrestlers across the country.

He won the state championship fin the rugged Greco Roman style of grappling by knocking two older, highly rated opponents unconscious with powerful hip toss takedowns followed by brutal headlock pin holds. He won dozens of state and regional championships in powerlifting and bench press competitions. In these meets, he matched his strength against the strongest, most powerful drug free athletes in the world - stale and regional champions, state and regional record holders, national champions, and national record holders.

It was open competition. Any drug- free athlete in the United States could enter these competitions. In the world of drug-free strength and power, it was a supreme test of one's ability.

How did he do? That little boy was me. And it's a lesson that YOU arc going to learn as you experience the transformative power of Dinosaur Bodyweighl d raining. Begin with a picture. I pictured the priceless gift of good health - a gift that seemed impossible for me. Begin at the top. A powerful, thickly muscled neck. A neck that spells force, power, vitality and virility. A neck that is thick and columnar. The neck slopes into powerful trapezius muscles that cover the upper hack like thick slabs of rough- hewn granite.

The traps run into powerful, rounded deltoids, shoulders that arc fully and symmetrically developed: These are shoulders that will support powerful efforts in any feat of strength and power that you ever endeavor.

Blacksmith shoulders. Lumberjack shoulders. The shoulders in turn run into rugged, powerful arms bursting with the promise of a warrior's strength.

The brawny biceps and gigantic, horseshoe shaped triceps blend into brawny, massive forearms knotted and corded with ridges of rebar. The forearms flow into thick, corded wrists. The wrists culminate in thick, hard, heavy hands, with eagle talon fingers.

These are hands that can grab, grasp, seize and hold with unlimited power. Turn to the torso. The rugged shoulders run into a deep, full, thickly muscled chest, standing high and proud atop an enormous rib-box. Under the armor- like covering, the powerful heart and lungs pump rich, red blood and life-giving oxygen throughout the entire body. This chest is a picture of power — and a picture of health.

The chest blends into a thickly muscled mid section that bespeaks perfect health, unimaginable power and vitality supreme. The abdominals stand etched in harsh relief, corded rows of corrugated power. The obliques are thick, hard, ropelike ridges that run from the top of the 5 abdominal formation deep into the groin.

The thick covering of granite hard muscle guards powerful, perfectly functioning internal organs of unmatched vigor. This is indeed the human body created in the Maker's Divine image. Look at the hits. Wide and hroad and sweeping, they run down the sides and center of the back, linking the athlete from shoulder to hip. Tying into the lals are innumerable smaller muscle groups that grapple for the eye's attention, jutting in rock-like ridges of strength and power. It rises like a coiled cobra from the massive shoulders and gigantic traps, promising endless vigor and unceasing nerve force.

The spinal erectors are no less impressive. Steel hard cables run down the athletes' entire spine, writhing python-like with every movement. The external obliques crowd against the spinal erectors and the lower lats.

This is a back of unimaginable strength, virility and vitality. The hack runs into strong, sturdy hips, and the hips in turn run into thickly corded, thoroughbred legs.

Twin props of power that promise strength, speed and endurance. Legs that can trample over any obstacle. Legs with muscles that stand out in stark relief from hip to ankle, a mule testament to their owner's fierce tenacity of purpose.

This is a human body that is literally perfect in all respects. This is an interactive exercise. I can guide you, but YOU need to provide the actual answers that will form the basis for the beginning of your personal quest for might and muscle. You'll need to set aside about 60 minutes for this exercise. Before we start, let me offer a word of warning. You are going to create a very personal document. Make this your personal narrative. Share il with no one. Greatness begins with dreams.

I want you to feel free to dream. Dreams are beginning of every great achievement. If you share your dream with others, the chances are good that they will laugh at you, belittle you and throw endless rivers of icc-cold negativity at you. Keep your project to yourself until you are well along the road to the successful and inevitable accomplishment of vour mission.

You lake your TRUE dream, and reduce it in scope. You scale il back. You turn it into something that someone else might agree could be possible.

Give yourself the freedom of unlimited dreams. Take your first sheet of paper and a black pen. If you arc an athlete or u martial artist, or if you have powerful memories that relate to athletics or martial arts, then by all means expand your list to include those memories as well. And include scenes from television shows, movies, cartoon strips, comic books, magazines, books, anything. Anything that pops into your mind. Do NOT censor or filter your memories. Write down anything and everything that pops into your head.

Those memories are there because they still have a powerful emotional meaning for you. You may know that I am dead-set against anabolic steroids, and yet the first thing that pops into your memory list might be a juiced-up raid monster. This is not an exercise in dinosaur correctness or any other form of political correctness. Work quickly. Speed is very important here.

This exercise unlocks your subconscious mind. To do that, you need to work quickly. Memories are emotional in nature, not intellectual. Make this an emotional exercise, not an intellectual exercise. Just capture the image and write it down, and then capture the next image. It's actually better to bounce all over the sheet of paper rather than to simply proceed in a methodical fashion by creating a list written in vertical column fashion.

If something is a seriously powerful memory, write it in large letters, underline it, circle it, pul a star by it. Keep going until you have filled the entire paper.

Now, take a red pen or a bright highlighter, and go back through the list - again, working very quickly, and again, without using any sort of filler or censor - and annotate your list. Circle the most important things, star them, add a brief note next to them, draw arrows that link memories. Just do something that helps you to capture, on paper, the muscle and might memories that you have accumulated over the course of your entire life. When you see a particularly strong memory, try to recall it in more detail.

See if you can pull up the same feelings you felt at the time of the event. On the top of the second sheet, write the following question: Once again, create a personal list. Work as rapidly as possible. Speed is critical. Work from the subconscious mind. Turn off the intellectual side of your brain..

These are YOUR goals. Write them down. Use the same process that you used on the first sheet of paper. If something is particularly important to you. Now lake your third sheet of paper and - using a black pen - write the following across the lop: Make this list as comprehensive as possible. Begin by listing the physical, mental and emotional attributes that you possess which w'i 11 help you to achieve your goals. For example, your personal list of strong points might include the following: Your list might include such factors as the Col lowing: Well-equipped garage gym Close to the park - can use for other exercises Running track at the school - dose to our house Good training partners My wife supports my training Doing ok financially — can afford to download equipment, high quality food, etc.

Now turn to the second column, and list the factors, both internal and external, that create obstacles to the achievement of your training goals. A typical list might include some of the following factors: No training partner Limited equipment No cash to download other equipment now Work long hours at my job Training time is limited Bad knee from football days pounds overweight Bad diet Smoker Now go back through the third sheet, using a RED pen.

For every single obstacle, there is an answer. Write it down. For example, take the previous list of obstacles. No training partner — Not necessary. May he able to find someone.

Can stay motivated with Dinosaur Inner Circle group. Limited equipment - Equipment not necessary. Can download smaller items over lime. Do pull- ups in park for now. Can stop smoking.

Use for equipment. Work long hours at my job - Can make time to train mins four or live days per week, longer on weekends. Walk in morning to lost weight - 15 mins. Drop TV lime. Other people work long hours and still find time to train - 1 can do it, too. Training time is limited - Find ways to make every minute count. No wasted time. Bad knee from football days - Find exercises that do not stress my knee. Ice it after training. Fish oil supps for joints good idea - helps heart.

Need to do this. Training will help. Walk miles each day a. Bad diet - Ciood diet. Read Dinosaur Diet hook - follow it. Smoker - Need to stop. See doctor. Get patch. I will share with you a very important fact: If you arc resolutely determined to achieve your training goals, NO obstacle can stand in your way for long.

Certain things may slow you down, but nothing can keep you from your goal. Always remember that. Now lake your sheets of paper, and pul them in a manila envelope or folder.

Brooks Kubik - The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook

Keep them somewhere private, with your other personal papers. Take them out and review them from time to time. Knowing your goals, seeing them intently and vividly, picturing the success that you WILL achieve, is the Royal Road to successful physical training. It gives you unlimited power for self- transformation. Without it, you arc nothing. With it. You arc now ready for your next step on the road to self-transformation. Turn to Lesson Two, and you will learn the single most important secret of successful physical culture.

It is a secret that has worked for me and for hundreds of thousands of successful physical eulturists over the past years. It will work for you as well if only you learn it.

This secret only comes to those who find it for themselves. It's not something that I can simply say to you. I could write it out in a single sentence, but you wouldn't learn it. Your eyes would read the words, blit you would fail to grasp their essential meaning. Therefore, I need to talk around it. I need to take you past it perhaps several times , through it, over it, and even right up to it, so that you find yourself standing face to face in front of its ageless visage.

Work through the material in this Lesson carefully, thoroughly and methodically. The more you apply yourself to this Lesson, the greater will be the results that you achieve from Dinosaur Body weight Training.

Those who concentrate their full attention on this critical Lesson will achieve far more in the way of results than those who skip ahead to study the exercises and the training programs. In the CD formal, 1 actually read the material to you, giving it all the force, power and passion that I can muster.

Doing so charges the material with enormous emotional power. When you read the material, you understand it on an intellectual level. When you hear it read to you on the CD's, you grasp it on a deeper, more profound emotional level.

That gives you the opportunity to understand the material offered in this Lesson on both an intellectual and an emotional level. If you only downloadd the manual, 1 strongly urge you to read this material to yourself, studying it very carefully, and then go back and read it aloud. Read it with passion, fire and conviction. After you read it, think about it. What was it that caused a nine-year old boy to do something the doctors all believed was impossible?

What do YOU have in common with that nine-year old boy? What is it? They were eventually dragged apart, hardly recognizable on account of the mingled dirt, sweat and torn clothing. One was a much smaller chap than he other, and his face was very pale. In fact, he had just resumed school alter leaving the hospital a few weeks before. This little chap had been in the hospital for eight years, more or less, through the result of an injury when only a six months old baby.

Yet he cried with mortification at being dragged away from his bigger opponent. He still wanted to lick the other chap, even if it was a hopeless looking proposition. Somewhere in his mind w'as the belief that while the other chap got a belly full, he could at least get a mouthful. He did not think of the handicap of age.

The poor little fair-haired kid thought no one had the right to lick him. From that moment he harbored a thirst lor revenge, and devoted all of his spare time to exercises that would make him bigger and stronger. Somehow it dawned in his youthful mind that the right kind of exercise would provide the means best suited to enable him to lick his tormentor. This settled in his mind, he pitched into his training with a vengeance, studying the methods and devices that would grow muscle.

He played at everything, wrestling with all the other boys he could get interested, and if he could not find enough kids interested, he started a fight. He was determined to get practice one way or another. His name was George F. The above passage is taken from Chapter One of his magnum opus. The Key to Might and Muscle, a book that was published in and which has helped tens of thousands of young men and boys achieve their dreams of muscle and might. What similarities do you see in the story of Little Curly Head and the story of the little boy who couldn't breathe?

What attribute did George E. Jowett share with the little boy who couldn't breath? Is there any limit to the power that caused the physical transformation of Little Curly Head? If there is no limit to that power, and if YOU possess that power This was after TEN years of physical training — ten years of regular workouts that had produced not an ounce of muscle.

His knees were bigger than his thighs. He wasn't sensible. He was stubborn. The first workout almost killed him. I Ic struggled to perform 20 deep knee bends with a pound barbell on his shoulders, He was so tired after just one set of squats that he had to lay on the floor and rest for half an hour.

He decided that being sore didn't matter. He kept on training. He stuck to he new program. And after a few days, something very remarkable happened. The program started to work. He gained twenty pounds in his first thirty days on the new program.

He gained nearly pounds over the next two years. It was all good, hard, solid muscle. He increased his squats from 40 pounds to pounds for 20 reps. He became a weightlifting champion. He put on strongman shows.

More importantly, he decided to help others achieve their strength and muscle building dreams. He started a little newsletter that soon grew into a little magazine.

It was called The Iron Man al first.

Later, he shortened the name to Iron Man. He published the magazine for 50 years. Over the course of hall a century. Iron Man became recognized as the best and most honest training magazine in the entire world. It inspired hundreds of thousands of avid readers, teaching them how to achieve physical excellence through sane, sensible, effective training methods. His name was Peary Rader. His example motivated and enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of trainees around the world.

What was it that drove Peary Rader to achieve success against what seemed to be impossible odds? He logged over 2. The student flipped the ignition switch at the wrong moment, and the propeller burst to life as he stood in front of it. The powerful blades nearly cut him in two. They rushed him to the hospital, but the damage was almost irreversible. He lost a tremendous amount of blood and nearly died right there. He clung to life by a thread.

He lost weight, strength and internal power. His body weakened, and his wounded lungs became a breeding ground for infection and disease. He developed a severe ease of advanced tuberculosis. His doctors gave him three months to live. But he had a wife and a family. In those grim Depression days, if a man died, it was a virtual death sentence for his wife and children as well.

He entered a sanitarium, and fought to stay alive. He stayed there for six months — twice the time the doctors had allotted him. Six months confined to a hospital bed in a sanitarium is hardly the picture of rugged health. After six months of bed-rest, he was released, alive but an invalid. For another 18 months he rested in bed at home. At the end of the two-year period of enforced bed-rest, his weight had dropped to pounds.

He reached the point where he could no longer survive from day to day as a living skeleton confined to his bed. He began to exercise. In two years time, he gained 47 pounds of solid muscle, and increased his muscular measurements by an average of 30 to 40 percent.

His biceps increased by nearly 50 percent; his chest by 30 percent, his thighs by just under 40 percent. On the day that he first tried barbell training, he strained and struggled as hard as he could but failed to lift a mere pound barbell overhead. Two years later he was lifting more than pounds overhead.

His doctors were dumbfounded. They literally could not believe what had happened. He went on to open a leading physical culture studio, to publish articles and courses, and to inspire others through a monthly physical culture magazine. His efforts helped to improve the strength, health and lives of tens of thousands, and he inspired trainees around the world to meet the challenge of physical training success. When his physical power faded to nearly nothing at all, an inner power kept Roger Eells alive - and then it caused a total transformation of his body.

What was that power? He was scrawny, skinny, weak and frail for his entire life. At age 2 I. Even at that weight he was scrawny. His cars were the largest part of his body. If you had seen him, you would have labeled him as a classic ectomorph.

A hardgainer. If you were mean, you would have laughed at him. If you were kind, you would have suggested that he try cross-country running instead of muscle building. Whatever anyone told him didn't mailer. He had a burning desire to grow bigger, stronger, more muscular and more powerful. He had decided that living the life of a human skeleton was not to be his destiny. And his muscles had strength and power to match. In , and again in , he won the heavyweight class ai the United States Championships in Olympic Weightlifting.

His name was Al Manger, He was yet another man who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his battle to build strength, muscle and might. Slop reading right now and work it through.

What was it that caused A l Manger to transform his physique from that of a scarecrow to that of a superman? Very few people did any sort of physical training hack then, and no one in his neck of the woods trained or had any interest in training. There were no gyms, no coaches, no personal trainers, no instructors and no workout partners. There was no one to show him how to train, no one to teach him the different exercises, and no one to tell him what sort of goals he should aim for.

He was entirely on his own. He got together a strange accumulation of homemade barbells and dumbbells, anvils, sledgehammers, logs, and barrels, and he rigged up climbing ropes, still rings and chin bars. He started to lake strange workouts using a combination of exercises he saw in Strength, Physical Culture and The Police Gazette. And as lime passed, he started lo get really strong. The photo in Strength magazine shows him performing a onc-arm pull-up while holding a heavy sledgehammer in the other hand for extra weight.

It was world class. Still is. So ask yourself this question: What was the critical ingredient in his recipe for strength training success? Oblivious to the presence of the human animal, a frail young man heading home late at night chose a short cut through the alley. It was a decision that was lo change his life - and the lives of countless others around the world. The hoodlum spotted the scrawny teenager.

He waited until the young man passed by, then sprang from behind with the ferocity of a wounded tiger. He swung a brutal homemade blackjack that almost knocked the teenager unconscious with the first savage blow.

The young man crashed to the dirt, and the hoodlum rained blow alter blow upon him.

مزيد من المكتبات

The victim could not even crawl away. He covered his head with his feeble arms and begged the bully to stop. The hoodlum doubled him up with cruel kicks to the ribs, and left him crumpled in a writhing heap of helpless, sobbing agony. The young man finally made his way home, hours later, bloody, bruised and barely alive. What happened then was a modern miracle. He made a vow that no man would ever hurl him the' way the hoodlum had hurt him on that near fatal night in ihc dark alley.

When he recovered from his beating, he started to train. When lie began, lie was splinter-thin and weak as a kitten. The mere idea that he someday would be strong and powerful would have caused most people to burst into outright laughter. His first workouts were incredibly difficult. The most basic exercises were nearly impossible for him. His muscles ached after every session.

He was stiff and sore. It hurt almost as much as Ihc brutal beating he had endured. Rut he persevered. He kept on going. He refused to give up. He but! Whatever it took, he was going to honor that vow. He was going to achieve his dream of might and muscle. Nothing in the world can defeat the power of a determined mind.

The laughter of others, the incredulity of his patents and teachers, the apparent lack of physical potential, his initial weakness - these were nothing more than momentary obstacles soon swept aside in his bulldog march to success.

And gradually, over time, he started to see results. Before he finished, he had built one of the most perfectly proportioned, best -developed ph ysiques in the history of the world. He won international competitions sponsored by Bernarr McFaddcn. Eventually, he hit on the idea of offering to others a way to build strength, muscle and life-long health and fitness through a series of home training courses.

He changed his name to Charles Atlas, and as Charles Atlas, created a muscle building empire that endures to this day. The Atlas story is quite literally a miracle story. A miracle that happened nearly 1 00 years ago in a pitch-dark alley in Brooklyn. A miracle that unleashed a transformative wave that began with Atlas himself and has enriched I he lives of millions around the world. Note that the power that I am describing rarely affects only a single person who puls it to use.

It goes from that person to others. It has incredible and unlimited potential for good. There w'as a skinny little kid who lived in a tough neighborhood in New York City. He got tired of getting beat up, and he got tired of running away from the bigger kids. So he started to work out. When he started to train, his arms measured les than 10". He broke into a sweat trying to chin the bar a single lime.

He could only do TWO pushups. He tried doing barbell squats, and he could barely handle a mere 50 pounds. Most people would have thrown in the towel. They would have given up. They would have stopped training, dropped out of the martial arts class, and scurried around in humble obscurity for the rest of their days, Not this kid. He kept training. He built himself up into a pound powerhouse.

As a teacher, he taught self- defense techniques that saved lives. He taught one teenage girl how to disable a male attacker twice her size. His teaching saved the girl from rape and possibly murder. He taught weight training, muscle building, and physical culture to hundreds of thousands around the world through a long series of books, courses and magazine articles. He is one of the best writers, and one of the very best and most influential teachers, in the entire history of the Iron Game.

His name is Bradley J. He studied il. He wrote about il. He taughl it. Steiner gave it a name. He made me open my eyes and realize what it was. And now, three decades later. I'm doing the very same thing for you. Do what 1 did when Steiner shared the secret with me.

The tournament was to he held in Beijing, China. He knew in his heart that he could w in the w orld championship if he entered the competition. The problem was, he lacked the money to make the trip. Tickets to travel lo China arc awfully expensive. At the time, he was a newdy married persona! He was working ten or twelve hours a day as a personal trainer.

Brooks Kubik - Dinosaur Training.pdf

Squeezing in even an extra hour of work each day seemed unlikely. Finding a way to raise the sort of money needed for an expensive t rip halfway around the world seemed like an utter impossibility. He set his mind to it. He thought of something that might work. He decided to pay for the trip by filming a video that taught others exactly how he trained for the world championships. He shot the video, put it on the market, and somehow, a miracle happened - he sold enough copies to cover the full cost of the journey.

He ended up winning the World Championship. He was the only non-Chinese to win the world title 1 hut year, and the first American to ever win a gold medal in any martial ails competition held in China. His name was Matt Furcy. He went on lo become a world famous author of numerous best- selling books, courses and videos on martial arts, physical conditioning and a wide range of other topics.

His teachings have enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people the world over. There it is again - the power transforms a single life, and from there, the lives of many others. He was born with a clubfoot and crossed-eyes. There was little money in the house. The other kids laughed at him because of his foot, because of his eyes, and because he was poor.

He started lifting weights and learning to hand-balance in , when he was only 13 years of age. In , he won the Heavyweight Class at the World Championships in Olympic Weightlifting in Stockholm, Sweden, dethroning the legendary John Davis, a former nine-time world and Olympic weightlifting champion. Davis hud been unbeaten in world and Olympic competition since His name was Doug Hepburn. He went on to inspire thousands of young men the world over in their quest for strength, muscle and might.

Do you see the inner power that drove Doug Hepburn — a crippled kid from a poor family, who really didn't have a ghost of a chance for athletic success — to the pinnacle of success in Olympic weightlifting?

They all involve an inner power that led -to remarkable physical transformation for men and boys who seemingly were doomed to a lifetime of scrawny weakness and even, in some eases, bed-ridden invalidism. I have shared these stories because 1 want you to sec, very clearly, exactly what this inner power is and how it operates. It is a power that never fails. In all cases, it drives those who use it to remarkable success.

It did this Jim me, it has done it for countless others, and it will do so for you. Well, that's not going to happen in this course. Dinosaur Body weight Training gives you the total package. Everything you need to know for maximum results is right here.

In this Lesson. I'nt going to teach you twelve keys to successful strength training and muscle building. To be productive, physical training must be progressive. You must gradually increase the difficulty of everything you do.

Your muscles are not solid lumps of tissue. They arc composed of millions of liny fibers, which are attached to one another and form long ropes of living tissue. When you exercise, you impose severe stress on the muscle fibers.

As a result, some of the fibers actually break down and split apart. Imagine a rope that is frayed and pulled to the point where it is starting to unravel.

Then imagine that this is what your muscle tissues look like after a hard workout. After the muscles are torn down by exercise, the body goes into an emergency repair mode.

The blood rushes to the muscles that you have exercised, flooding them with oxygen and rich nutrients: The nutrients link with he tissues, and the repair process begins. If you have worked hard enough to tear the muscles down, your next job is to rest the muscles long enough for the repair process to occur.

This usually takes anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. It happens most quickly while you are sleeping. Of course, the repair process won't occur if the bloodstream is lacking the nutrients required for tissue repair and cellular growth. That's why a healthy diet is so important for strength and muscle building. Pay attention.

It can feel how hard and demanding the workout was. If you take the same workout every time you train, you grow bigger and stronger for a while, but then you would stop growing. Because your body has responded to your training program by building enough extra strength and power to allow you to handle the program without too much difficulty.

You can go to any gym, anywhere in the world, and look at the folks who arc training, and then go away and come back five or ten years later, and most of them wall be doing the same exercises, with the same weights, sets and reps, and they would look almost exactly the way they looked when you first saw them. So always remember, progression is critical to both short term and long term progress. There are many ways to make your training more progressive. Most people only think of the most obvious options - adding weight or adding reps.

But think about some of the other things that you can do to make your training more progressive. You can make your exercises harder and more difficult by increasing the range of motion.

As I write this, I just finished a hard workout where I changed the range of motion in my pull-ups and pushups and ended up getting a very intense, very hard workout that broke down plenty of muscle tissue. What did 1 do? On the pull-ups, I increased the range of motion by several inches at the top of the movement, pulling myself several inches higher than I usually do.

On the pushups. I used a new set of pushup handles that increased the range of motion by about two inches. I positioned the handles so that 1 got a bit of extra stretch on each rep.

These little changes helped me gel a great, result-producing workout without adding sets, reps, or weight and without changing the exercises. Another way to make your training more progressive is to change the speed of movement. You can go faster or you can go slower. I did five sets of each. On the first exercise, I pulled up faster than usual, hut lowered myself more 22 slowly than usual. On the second. I pulled up more slowly than usual, and lowered mysell even more slowly.

The change in tempo helped to make the exercises much more rigorous. You also can make your workouts tougher by cutting down on the rest time between sets. I do virtually nothing but superset training nowadays. This means that I train two cxcreiscs at a time, going back and forth from one to the other with virtually no rest. I did a set of pushups followed by a set of pull-ups, and then right went back the pushups. The only rest was walking across the garage from the pushup area to the pull-up area.

Much tougher than if 1 rested for several minutes between sets. Another way to make your training more progressive is to use more difficult exercises. This was one of the most important insights of George F. Jowctt had a brilliant, inventive mind, and he was always coming up with new and ever more demanding exercises. He believed that the greatest results in physical training came from using a system of progressively more difficult exercises — and he was right on the money.

In this regard, note that the use of progressively more difficult exercises is one of the basic principles of Dinosaur Body weight Training. In each Lesson. As you become stronger and more comfortable in different exercises, you can increase their difficulty by increasing the inter-muscular tension that you exert throughout Ihe movement. You do this by slowing the movement down, by training with total concentration to maximize the mind-muscle link and by using letter-perfect form in the movement.

This turns each rep into a maximum effort isometric contraction combined with slow movement. The end result is an extremely demanding and very productive exercise. People who watch me train are sometimes puzzled to see how hard I work on what appear to be basic, simple exercises. What they miss is the fact that I am performing the movements in perfect form, with total body control, with laser-sharp mental focus, w ith maximum concentration, and with intense in ter- muscular contraction.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Leaving aside the commercial interest behind these statements, they reflect a ridiculously limited, narrow view of physical culture. They are based on the idea that the only way to progress in an exercise is to use adjustable barbells and dumbbells and increase the weight that you use in your exercises. As noted in the previous section, that idea is totally incorrect.

You can progress endlessly with bodyweighl exercises by changing the speed, the tempo, or the pace of your training, by performing combinations of exercises rather than single movements, by doing more reps, more sets or more exercises, by performing more difficult exercises, and by working with greater focus, pin-point concentration, and maximum inter-muscular tension.

Or it may he the fact that many bodyweighl exercises require greater attention to proper body position, and greater attention to balance and coordination, all of which trigger enhanced prop rio-pcrcept ion and a heightened mind-tmiscle connection. It could also he due to the fact that a properly designed program of bodyweight exercises, such as Dinosaur Body weight Training, enormously enhances and stimulates the flow of nerve force throughout the entire body - which in turn helps to link the mind and muscles.

The current state pf affairs is worse than. You know who they are. The guys who talk incessenrly about "genetic potential" Or more correctly.

As a result of pounding that sort. If you bend a sapling until it almost breaks and ue it down. What could have 'been 31, proud, tall monarch of the forest win become a stunted abortion, Exactly the same is. Teach ayoung man that be i! Make' him believe "that strength and muscles are something he can never achieve, and he will never achieve them, Convince him that hit is doomed te mediocrity.

So let me conclude. Wbat sells all. U nderstand that weighr training works One of the most com non is, the way it causes weight trainers to give up any Sense of personal responsibility for their.

If weight trainers. If not, YQu are taking it easy Instead of admitting thar you. Instead ofconfessing your deep-rooted aversion to' hard! Instead of acknowledging that YOu don'r have the' mental discipline to go to.

Are you gaining? They will take their workouts haphazardly. They win follow the diet advice i1'i the same manner and then wonder why they don't gain, When we say you must work hard we me-an.

When we s.. When we ask you to eat more food, we mean more food, '11m a canary bird diet, If we tell you to. Let this he a turning point in your training.


Make a resolution, 'to go "all but" this corning year and become a su perman, The message ls there. Jf 8 been there for many years, Why do so many weight. Abbreviated training programs thar focus on heavy duty': compound exercises with barbells and dumbbells..

Supplementing your barbell and dumbbellwork with heavy awkward objects Orags, barrels, beams etc. Ditto to. The heavy pulling movements that Olympic lifters use Lost ATt of D umbbell Training. A no' nonsense, never say die! For several years I served as an official at drug free bench press and powerliftlng contests.. One tJ:dng] noticedimrnediarely was "the entourage syndrome. After he lifter and the entourage' stumbled despairingly off the platform, an.

I saw this repeated so many ti mea. T11e' second lifter did it orr his own. The second lifter had. You will squat two nr three times per week.. Most men. Don't use kneewraps, Don't usc a squat suit. Wben you work your squats: work them HA. I1eavy breati1ing between reps will trigg. Randy Strossen's terrific book, Super Squats, for further information.

For the rest of you, notning beats the tried and true 5 x 5 system, 3. OIl "the dangers'!

End of discussion. Subscribe to the GOOD training magazines.It didn't hurt him. The obliques are thick, hard, ropelike ridges that run from the top of the 5 abdominal formation deep into the groin. Standing Presses: If everyone started training the right way from Day 1 of their career, we'd see many more trainees achieve great success -- and we'd see many more trainees stick to their program for their entire lives.

No cleans snatches 01 pulls. For every single obstacle, there is an answer. The Iron Rope Bad knee from football days - Find exercises that do not stress my knee.

And slowly, gradually, something happened that the medical man would have thought was impossible. And the catalog goes on.

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