REGULATIONS. OF THE. NATIONAL BUILDING CODE. OF THE PHILIPPINES. ( PD ). OFFICIAL TEXT. REVISED EDITION. INCLUDES. • NBCDO. Institute a National Building Code of the Philippines”, the same does not WHEREAS, in the formation of new national building code, it is the desire and. - OPWH National Building Code Development Office Memorandum Circular No. 01, , OuarteJiy Si\uational Report and New Schedule of Fees and.

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National Building Code of the Philippines: and, Its revised implementing rules after official publication. by Philippines.; 5 editions; First published in The New National Building Code - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File BUILDING CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES (P.D. ) referred to as the IRR. 2. Full text of the National Building Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. ) - Featured on the Internet by the Chan Robles Virtual Law Library.

For the purpose of this Chapter, the center line of an adjoining street or alley may be considered an adjacent property line. Distance shall be measured at right angles to the street or alley.

Designation of Fire Zones a The Secretary shall classify each type of fire zone in accordance to use, occupancy, type of construction, and resistance to fire subject to the provisions of this Code.

Such division shall be in accordance with the local physical and spatial framework plans or the recommendation of the local city or municipal development body. Chapter 2. Materials and systems of fire-resistive purposes shall be classified according to their fire-resistive ratings as determined by internationally accepted testing methods, subject to the provisions of this Section.

Square-edged boards may be used is the layers are laid at right angles with each other. The supporting beams for such floors shall be not less than 15 centimeters 6 inches in minimum dimension.

National Building Code PD 1096 - 148 pages.pdf

Steel joist floors shall have from one to four-hour fire-resistive rating based on internationally accepted standards of engineering. Materials required to be flame-proofed shall be treated with a flame-retardant having flame-spread rating of 50 less as determined by the "Tunnel Test". Finishes for interior walls and ceilings of any building shall be classified according to their flame-spread characteristics using the internationally accepted "Tunnel Test" or other equivalent test for fire protection.

The class of materials according to flame-spread characteristics shall be determined for each occupancy group. The smoke density shall not be greater than that obtain from the burning of untreated wood under similar conditions when tested in accordance with the "Tunnel Test" in the way intended for use.

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The products of combustion shall be no more toxic than the burning of untreated wood under similar conditions. Interior walls and ceiling finish shall mean interior wainscoting, paneling, or other finish applied structurally or for decoration, acoustical correction, surface insulation or similar purposes.

Requirements for finishes shall not apply to trim, doors, and windows or their frames, nor to materials which are less than one millimeter 0. Interior finish materials applied to walls and ceilings shall be tested as specified herein and regulated for purposes of limiting flame-spread. Group A Occupancies shall include dwellings. Group C Occupancies shall be any building used for school or day care purposes more than eight hours per week, involving assemblage for instruction, education, or recreation, and not classed in Group I or in Divisions 1 and 2 of Group H Occupancies.

Group D Occupancies shall include: Division 1 - Mental hospitals, mental sanitariums, jails, prisons, reformatories, and buildings where personal liberties of inmates are similarly restrained; Division 2 - Nurseries for full-time care of children under kindergarten age, hospitals, sanitariums, nursing homes with non-ambulatory patients, and similar buildings each accommodating more than five persons ; Division 3 - Nursing homes for ambulatory patients, homes for children of kindergarten age or over each accommodating more than five persons ; Provided, That Group D Occupancies shall not include buildings used only for private residential purposes or for a family group.

Group E Occupancies shall include: Division 1 - Gasoline filling and service stations; storage garage and boat storage structures where no work is done except exchange of parts and maintenance requiring no open flame, welding, or the use of highly flammable liquids; Division 2 - Wholesale and retail stores, office buildings, drinking and dining establishments having an occupant load test than , printing plants, municipal police and fire stations, factories and workshops using materials not highly flammable or combustible, storage and sales room for combustible goods, and paint stores without bulk handling, and Division 3 -Aircraft hangars where no repair work is done except exchange of parts and maintenance requiring no open flame, welding, or the use of highly flammable liquids; open parking garages and heliports.

Group F Occupancies shall include: Ice plants, power plants, pumping plants, cold storage, and creameries; factories and workshops using incombustible and non-explosive materials; and storage and sales rooms of incombustible and non-explosive materials. Group G Occupancies shall include: Division 1 - Storage and handling of hazardous and highly flammable or explosive materials other than flammable liquids; Division 2 - Storage and handling of flammable liquids; dry cleaning plants using flammable liquids; paint stores with bulk handling; paint shops and spray painting rooms, and shops; Division 3 - Wood working establishments, planning mills and box factories, shops factories where loose, combustible fibers or dust are manufactured, processed or generated; warehouses where highly combustible material is stored; Division 4 - Repair garages; and Division 5 - Aircraft repair hangars.

Group H Occupancies shall include: Division 1 - Any assembly building with a stage and an occupant load of less than in the building; Division 2 - Any assembly building without a stage and having an occupant load of or more in the building; Division 3 - Any assembly building without a stage and having an occupant load of less than in the building, including such buildings used for school purposes less than eight hours per week; and Division 4 - Stadiums, reviewing stands, amusement park structures not included within Group I or Divisions 1, 2, and 3, Group H Occupancies.

Group I Occupancies shall be any assembly building with a stage and an occupant load of or more in the building. Group J Occupancies shall include: Division 1 - Private garages, carports, sheds, and agricultural buildings; Division 2 - Fences over 1. Any other occupancy not mentioned specifically in this Section, or about which there is any question, shall be included in the Group which its use most nearly resembles based on the existing or proposed life and fire hazard.

When a building is used for more than one occupancy purposes, each part of the building comprising a distinct "Occupancy" shall be separated from any other occupancy. When a building is used for more than one occupancy purpose, it shall be subject to the most restrictive requirements for the occupancies concerned: Except, - 1 When a one-story building houses more than one occupancy, each portion of the building shall conform to the requirements for the occupancy housed therein, and the area of the building shall be such that the sum of the actual areas divided by the allowable area for each separate occupancy shall not exceed one; and 2 Where minor accessory uses do not occupy more than 10 per cent of the area of any floor of a building, nor more than 10 per cent of the basis are permitted in the occupancy requirements.

The major use of the building shall determine the occupancy classification provided the uses are separated in accordance with requirements for occupancy separation.

Occupancy separations shall be vertical or horizontal or both, or when necessary, of such other form as may be required to afford a complete separation between the various occupancy divisions in the building.

All openings in such a separations shall be protected a fire assembly having a one-hour fire-resistive rating.

All openings in such separation shall be protected by a fire assembly having a one and one-half-hour fire-resistive rating. All openings in walls forming such separation shall be protected by a fire assembly having a three-hour fire-resistive rating. The total width of all openings in any three-hour fire-resistive occupancy separation wall in any one-story shall not exceed 25 per cent of the length of the wall in that story and no single opening shall have an area greater than All openings in floors forming a "Three-Hour Fire-Resistive Occupancy Separation" shall be protected by vertical enclosures extending above and below such openings.

The walls of such vertical enclosures shall be of not less than ten-hours fire-resistive construction, and all openings therein shall be protected by a fire assembly having one and one-half-hour fire-resistive rating. Occupancy separations shall be provided between various groups, subgroupings, or divisions of occupancies.

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The Secretary shall promulgate rules and regulations for appropriate occupancy separations in buildings of mixed occupancy: Provided, That where any occupancy separation is required, the minimum shall be a "One-Hour Fire-Resistive Occupancy Separation"; and where the occupancy separation is horizontal, structural members supporting the separation shall be protected by equivalent fire-resistive construction.

Also, where in Caloocan is this, is it R2?

All in all, it is best to consult the building official first before you go ahead with your designs. Nelson Cantor says: 1 November at PM Sa may zabarte almar ang lote, actually talaga ung kabuohan, size They would most certainly not answer any emails.

Thess says: 12 November at AM A duplex house was built beside our home. My issue is their firewall has 3 windows one each for their 2 bedrooms and walkway of their 2nd flr ; worst katapat pa ng windows nila is yung window ng room ng daughter ko.

We want to extend the wall of our garage to somehow block the opening.

Can we do that since sa garahe naman namin yun? Note that there is about 1 meter distance from our house to their firewall. Fire Code states that no opening are allowed on firewalls. You can actually build your own firewall set against theirs, however, for you to do this, you will need to apply for a building permit.

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In the inspection during your application state that your neighbor has an opening so they can act upon it. Tony Villavilla says: 20 December at AM Sir, We have an irregular corner lot, it is shaped like a curved trapezoid.

My question is, can our planned veranda be moved beyond and encroach the setback. We can use that extra. Thanks in advance 19 March at PM In all honesty, it is up to the building official to decide if they will allow you or not; since I do not have a clear and detailed picture of your situation, please check Section of the NBC.Basement pipe inlets shall be installed in the first floor of every store, warehouse, or factory where there are cellars or basements under same: Combustible materials shall not be placed within 15 centimeters 6 inches of the fireplace opening.

If materials are stored or work is done on top of the canopy, the edge along the street shall be adopted by a tight curb board not less than 30 centimeters 1 foot high and a railing not less than 1.

The BO shall order the repair, vacation or demolition of dangerous or ruinous building. Except, Where in such cellars or basements there is installed a fire-extinguishing system as specified in this Code, or where the cellars or basements are used for banking purposes, safe deposit vaults, or similar uses.

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