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An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform everyconversation Skillfully redefine Power Questions (eBook, PDF) - Sobel, Andrew; Panas, Jerold. The Power of Questions. Questions are great conversation starters. It seems everyone has a story to tell or an opinion to share. And to get it, you need only to ask. were an Olympic judge scoring the power of questions on a scale from one to ten (with ten being the highest), how would you rate the following queries? 1.

Like a prison guard, Sello plans to keep an eye on her and control all her movements.

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His sitting, clothing and mainly his self-assurance, demonstrate that he has the situation under control. As the epitome of South African political system that confines Blacks and minorities and destroys them psychologically, his self-assurance and garment traduce the continuation of this oppression. In addition, his friendly tone while addressing the heroine is all a mockery. It expresses the dead-end in which he plans to drag her: The answer is already contained in the system of which he is a symbol.

For, how can she have a choice, how can she give her viewpoint in a plan that is already set to control her? Whatever her answer may be, Elizabeth is definitely caught in the trap. It rather considers its acts as a way of preserving its social and internal cohesion. For him, it belongs to Elizabeth to face this situation. At this moment, the brutal and oppressive Sello shifts into a sympathizing character, an advisor. As the victim who knows what she is experiencing, she must be the appropriate person to take on resistance as a process of recovery, of release.

He had been the Osiris who had been shattered into a thousand fragments by the thunderbolt of the Medusa. She has been the Isis who had put the pieces together again.

The details did not unfold. What unfolded fully was the picture of the reconstructed man, with the still, sad, fire-washed face of death.

It was then that she was able to link up that particular expression with thousands and thousands of other people who had died terrible and violent deaths. In fact, Sello reveals that he has succumbed to the power of Medusa. This is why he cannot resist her as he is under her control and embodies her personality.

Thus bewitched, he appears as a dead person: But through Elizabeth, he finds a way of using his powers.

The protagonist then serves as a means for him to reconstruct his fragmented identity. In the same way Isis has reconstructed Osiris and given him a kind of new life, by being a field of exercising his power after being under the control of Medusa, Elizabeth allows him to regain a new life.

Nevertheless, by advising her to fight for her recovery, Sello adopts a postcolonial posture and seems to regret in some way his deeds. If he seems to mock the heroine during their first encounter and generally oppresses her throughout the text, in this particular case, he appears as a regretful character. This reveals that in all oppressive system, there are instances when some of the members are repentant for their acts, feel pity for the victims and ally with them in their fight for freedom.

The other component that associates with Sello to destroy Elizabeth and provoke what I qualify as a split of her personality is offered by Dan. After Sello impacts on her psyche, Dan must complete the process of her destruction by acting on her sexuality. Thus, he tortures her through sexuality.

While Sello is portrayed as the root cause of human suffering, Dan represents patriarchy and incarnates all what is immoral in the African world view. Like Sello, Dan carefully plans to kill her soul: He knew exactly what he wanted. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew exactly who was going to die.

When I go with a woman, I go for one hour. Really, his sexual activities with these women exemplifies a kind of slavery as he exploits them sexually but does not truly love them all It was taking so long, the road was so devious, his activities so tremendous. The weaker she became, the more intensely excited did he become, something like the way animals scent blood or death in the air. This is why he parades with them, showing her that they control him and encouraging them to use her personal possessions to clean up: Dan appears as a pervert character as he has all sorts of women.

Also, his sexual activities shed light onto the perversity of life as it goes on in South Africa and the immorality of this society as Elizabeth comes to notice: They were just barking savagely all the time; they were not human, or anything but permanently growling, hideous, savage beasts.

She had no way of breaking the storm of evil. Here, the writer extends her criticism of her home country to point out the fact that the notion of love has lost its true meaning and value. For her, people nowadays, have no consideration for love as what pushes one to sacrifice oneself for another human being. On the sexual level, love as a total involvement between two individuals who have decided to offer themselves to each other has no meaning.

People just have sex to satisfy their libidinal lust regardless of the pain they can cause to their partners or to themselves, physically, psychologically or emotionally. All the same, their immorality is so evident that incest that is severely blamed in African societies passes for a normal practice. When we consider the display of homosexuality and heterosexuality, we understand that they are meant to degrade Elizabeth. She is all the more horrified and mad as her world condemns both sexual practices.

To her, a man to man relation is unconceivable in the same way as it is abominable for a man to go with so many women. But, like in her manipulation by Sello, her drama takes a more dramatic impetus because she fails to grasp the environment of destruction in which Dan drives her. As a consequence, she cannot seriously prepare to escape any of his plans.

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However, it is through the horrors of her contact with Dan in her hallucinations that she learns the most: And from the degradation and destruction of her life had arisen a still, lofty serenity of soul nothing could shake. By acting from the opposite side of her vision of life, though in a torturous and destructive way, Dan involuntarily but surely helps her discover and understand the true meaning of life.

In the novel, Elizabeth generally evolves in a world of nightmares that is totally out of her control because of the constant assault and pressure from Sello and Dan. She asserts: As Vincent de Gaulejac asserts, the split [is] a reaction of the Ego that tries to coexist with contradictory identifications, ideals and habitus.

For lack of being able to choose between the ones and the others, it needs to interiorize the ones and the others. When these different elements are antagonistic, the Ego, that cannot find a mediation to support the division traversing it, operates a split, as if both of the two foreign identities constituted it.

In fact, her temporary recovery of her mental sanity evidences that a system cannot be so cruel as to completely destroy an individual. The most significant illustration of her opposition to the oppressing world and of her reconstruction of her identity is given by her involvement in the activities of Motabeng people.

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Though not direct, her act, as a whole, can be read as one of contestation and of resistance. She becomes an icon in her village of exile and most of her undertaking emulates the villagers. She teaches them how to plant, demonstrating the qualities that she has but that unfortunately, she could not use in her native country because of the hostile environment.

Her implication in the village activities and her know-how, are so important that when she is absent, these activities seem to come to a halt as Birgette tells her: Kenosi testifies to it: We became poor. When you were here we used to make R4. No one could do jam. The vegetables came down to R2. I seem to have taken a strange journey into hell and darkness.

I could not grasp the darkness because at the same time I saw light. That captured and riveted my attention. This tragedy reveals itself as a spiritual journey from destruction and fragmentation to reconstruction and wholeness as the end of the novel well clarifies it: It was a gesture of belonging. She experiences this humanity that elevates people and permits them to feel the sense of living.

On the whole, she understands that all her suffering is cumulated in her hasty and greedy lust for freedom regardless of the surrounding and the complexity of life itself. Her day-to-day contact with the population of Motabeng has helped to reconstruct her identity. If, in this civilization, the madman does not physically wander around, his mind does so instead.

By leaning on the character of the fool and through the manipulation of the heroine by Sello and Dan who populate her mental world, the writer lays criticism on South African system. As such, she invites the reader not to see madness simply as an illness that brings shame in society, but she mainly posits it as a means of introspection: Also, through the mental drama of Elizabeth, Bessie Head draws attention on human condition and the importance of love among people.

She also fails to comprehend that this civilization must be dismantled from within rather than through escape, which can be harmful. And as the text shows it, in her exile, Elizabeth, like many of her fellows, undergoes an identity crisis that leads to a slip of her personality.

Vickers, eds. Africa World Press, Inc. Zed Books, Marie, Umeh, ed. Dover Publications, Inc. Routledge, Related Papers. Autobiography of Things Left Undone: By Dr. Mental Illness: Living and Feeling Apart. Difference and Identity in South Africa. By Anna Lichtenegger. Bessie head.

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Question3: What is the Thermal efficiency of steam power plant? I am an electrical engineer and I have an interview in a Gas turbine power plant.This pair of ordinary workers, Gu Ren, is simply a paradise level enjoyment. Questions are such powerful tools that they can be beneficial—perhaps particularly so—in circumstances when question asking goes against social norms. Here are some challenges that commonly arise when asking and answering questions and tactics for handling them.

But few executives think about questioning as a skill that can be honed. Vickers, eds. Open-ended questions can counteract that effect and thus can be particularly useful in uncovering information or learning something new.

The type, tone, sequence, and framing also matter. Fully solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. On rare occasions when they do so, their interaction is one of conflict; each of them wanting to get total control of her

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