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warhammer 40k eldar codex pdf warhammer 40k eldar codex 6th edition Page 5- Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar Units Page. Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar Army. eldar codex 6th edition pdf eldar codex 6th edition free I've been playing Eldar since 2nd edition and have my own ideas about the codex and rather than. Warhammer 40K Deathwatch Codex Pdf 7 - applicationserogon codex eldar A codex (often pluralised as codexes by Games Workshop, though the.

Two other primary Paths will round out the forces of a War Host. The first if the Path of the Outcast, one who chooses to leave the insular life of the Craftworld to grow their intellectual and spiritual knowledge of the greater Universe. The other is the Path of the Corsair, an Eldar who is drawn to travel time and space in order to gain material wealth, indulge in stimulus not suited for the Craftworld, and wish to experience adventure.

Both Paths are extremely difficult and many never return to their homes. These four groups will form the nucleus of any Eldar War Host. However, the War Host will still need to be led. Eldar leaders fall into a number of categories. It is not uncommon for them to be led by a former Aspect Warrior, who returns to the ways of war for the good of his people.

These Eldar are known as Autarchs. Such individuals are known as Princes. They will lead their loyal followers into battle for personal gain, material welath, or other darker purposes. However, a Prince never truly renounces his loyalty to the his Craftworld, and will help when called upon. The final potential leader for an Eldar War Host is the mysterious and powerful Farseers. On the Craftworld, their role is to guide their fellow Eldar through the twisting and tangled web of alternate futures.

Their psychic minds allow them to see a myriad of possibilities. In addition, their potent powers are a great asset in war.

The organization of the fighting force is no different than that of other Eldar formations. Typically, the War Host is led by a leader, who has an assortment of followers who have allegiance with the leader.

These sub-leaders than have an assortment of followers loyal to them through pacts, kinship, and other bonds. As a result, Eldar War Hosts are rather loose bonds of individuals.

The sub-leaders, often Exarchs, warlocks, Pirate lords, nobles, etc. The smaller sub-units within a Host are referred to as a Troupe. It is not uncommon for a Host or Troupe to have a fanciful name that somehow refers the leader.

For example, Yriels Eldritch Raiders. Leadership in the Eldar War Host is consensual. No one is required to take orders from another. Instead, it is based on respect and trust. Leaders are able to lead, because the individual Eldar are willing to follow. Titles and position are less noteworthy to the Eldar, and are only gained by with the consent of their fellow Eldar. Of course, this is augmented by tradition and ritual.

Heeding the Call To the other factions on Ammoriss, the arrival of the Craftworld Eldar was a surprise. They struck without warning, and paid little heed to who they attacked. Unsurprisingly, their assaults were quick, brutal, and elegant. The North Ammoriss Office of Strategic Intelligence was unable to predict or understand the purpose of the Eldar attacks. To the Eldar however, the situation was dire. The Eldar are highly attuned to the vibrations and flows of the Warp.

The Eldar had been monitoring the human presence on Ammoriss for decades. Their Farseers had told them that beneath the crust of Ammoriss, an ancient and terrible evil slumbered.

When psychic dreams of power and glory began to emanate from Ammoriss, the Eldar were not immune. They heard the siren call of power and glory, they experienced the waking dreams of others.

Codex: Eldar Pdf

The Exarchs and warriors in their Aspect Shrines stirred with desire. The Farseers had foreseen such events and they stood ready. The exact nature of the threat was unclear, but they saw death and destruction for their kin coming from Ammoriss. Without hesitation, an alliance of Craftworlds sallied their forces to Ammoriss.

Under the direction of the Farseers, they used their superior technology to smuggle themselves onto Greater Ammoriss. From there, the Eldar Farseers needed more time to locate the source of the psychic dreams drawing all the lesser races to the Battle for Ammoriss. One thing was clear, if the lesser races discovered the source of the dreams; it would be disastrous for the nearby Craftworlds.

So the Eldar had come.

Their goal was to cause confusion, and disrupt the efforts of the other races. Where there were concentrations of forces, they worked to disrupt them. Where the enemy was weak, they attacked. Where supply lines were strained, they tried to break them. To other races the Eldar actions were mercurial. They were impossible to predict. The first sign that the Eldar were even present was a strike on Space Marine Storm Dragons deployed in the jungles of the Savage Coast.

However, from there the Eldars activities only magnified.

Eldar Codex 2nd ed..pdf

Eldar activity was reported all across Ammoriss. North, South, and Greater Ammoriss all saw the. The Office of Strategic Intelligence paid little heed. They neither had the time or the resources to track down such an elusive foe.

Instead, the authorities of NavComm North focused on crushing the Congregation of Unfaith and protecting the sea lines of communication to North Ammoriss. For the Craftworld Eldar, they did not have the strength to simply destroy all of their enemies.

As a result, the Eldar commanders settled on a strategy of disruption and raiding. The Farseers knew that they had to simply delay their opponents long enough to locate the source of the psychic disturbances, find it, and flee with it back to the safety of the Webway. This list will provide you all the information you need to play as Craftworld Eldar in games of Aquanautica Imperialis.

Engines of Vaul Scorpion The Scorpion is an amazing engine of destruction. It combines the amazing technology of the Eldar with their elegant sense of design. The Scorpion sports powerful, heavy firepower for a vehicle of its size. Despite its large size, the Scorpion is relatively maneuverable, and makes use of anti-grav technology to enhance its versatility as a land, sea, and air weapon. The Scorpion is the most common Eldar Engine of Vaul. The D-Cannon, or Distortion Cannon, tears a hole in the very fabric of reality which exposes the target to the raw power of the Warp.

This is capable of making a mockery of the most powerful of armor. Thankfully for the Eldars enemies, such a weapon is mounted firmly forward, limiting its field of fire. Storm Serpent The Storm Serpent like the other Engines of Vaul takes advantage of the Eldars superior technology to make it an effective fighting machine. Unlike the Scorpion or Cobra, its strength is not in heavy firepower.

Instead, it carries an internal warp gate generator. This generator allows the Storm Serpent create a portal that allows Eldar within the Webway to enter the battlefield.

Iyanden a Codex Eldar Supplement 1782531076

Thankfully, the portal is only large enough for infantry. Grav-tanks Wave Serpent Wave Serpents are dedicated troop transports. Their armored hulls are enhanced by the inclusion of a powerful force field that helps protect the vehicle from incoming attacks. They are extremely fast and maneuverable. Some claim that the Wave Serpent is the best dedicated troop transport in the galaxy.

Falcon The Falcon Grav-tank combines speed with deadly firepower. In addition to its deadly weaponry, the Falcon can also carry troops. This combination makes it a small and dangerous foe to larger sea going craft.

Falcons are the backbone of most Eldar attack forces. However, it sports a powerful cannon. The weapon is powerful enough to cut through the thickest armor. Most importantly, the weapon has an amazing range compared to other Eldar weapon systems.

It is a valuable vehicle for destroying enemy surface vessels. Firestorm The firestorm is a dedicated anti-aircraft weapon system. Like all Eldar vehicles it uses the same grav-tank hulls as the Falcon.

However, it is armed with a sophisticated targeting array and rapid fire laser weaponry in a dedicated Anti-aircraft mount. In a pinch, these vehicles have prove ideal in dealing with enemy ordinance such as torpedoes and mines as well as aircraft.

Aircraft Nightwings Craftworld Eldar are masters of aerial warfare. No other race can match them in the skies. They are fast, deadly, and maneuverable. In addition, Eldar are naturally skilled pilots with their quick reflexes and enhanced senses.

The Nightwing is the premiere interceptor. The crafts speed and agility make it almost impossible to intercept or catch. Thankfully, it also carries a relatively light armament, only good for destroying enemy planes. Phoenix Bombers The Eldar do not rely on air dropped bombs. They find such weapons ungainly and imprecise. Instead, Eldar bombers are armed with power laser weapons that can slash through the thick armor of a ship at close range.

Their speed and agility makes closing with enemy ships all the easier. Vampire Raider All Eldar craft are trans-atmospheric. However, the lighter Nightwings and Phoenix bombers prefer to enter play via an available wraithgate. However, it is not Uncommon for a Vampire to streak from orbit to attack a target.

They are a powerful all around aerial threat, able to engage fighters or attack sea targets. Fleet Restrictions: Fleet Upgrades: If one unit in a Squadron has an upgrade, then the entire squadron must have the same upgrade. A farseer will be required if the fleet is 1,pts. The Farseer provides 2 fleet re-rolls. Grav-tanks must be formed in squadrons of 2 to 5 units Engines of Vaul may be formed in squadrons of vehicles Aircraft can be grouped in squadrons of Aspect Warriors Typically, if a vessel is subject to the special rule, it will be listed in the vessels profile or be downloadd as an upgrade.

This means that the squadron begins play in reserve. The Eldar player can choose to deploy this squadron at anytime during the Battle phase instead of activating another ship. They can move at any speed and make as many turns as they wish during their movement phase. Engines of Vaul can not be boarded, but may choose to launch a boarding action whenever they come in contact with an enemy squadron.

They can not be grounded or part of a collision. Instead, they simply move over the terrain or other ship. Engines of Vaul that are reduced to 0DP are removed from play and replaced with 2 wake markers. Wraithgate The Wraithgate allows the following special rules: A Wraithgate allows the Storm Serpent to initiate a boarding action against any target within 4 inches.

If the game ends with the units still in reserve, they are counted as destroyed for purposes of victory conditions.

Place the counter for the squadron on the board. Roll a d3 and the scatter dice similar to deploying submerged ships and place the ship the number rolled in inches in the direction of the scatter arrow. The aircraft may not move, but may attack as normal.

Once deployed, the squadron may be removed from the board at anytime, but they will be unable to redeploy again later. Half of all units removed in this way are counted as destroyed for purposes of victory conditions, rounding down. The Storm Serpent does not need to be in baseto-base contact with the target.


A loss has no negative impact on the Storm Serpent that launched the attack. If the Storm Serpent explodes place a small blast template over the Engine of Vaul. Any ship that touches the blast marker is effected by the implosion of the Wraithgate and exposed to the Warp. The effected ship deteremines damage as. Eldar Aircraft Eldar Aircraft can start the game on the board, deployed like regular ship squadrons.

They do not need to deploy from launch bays or Orbital Strike. Portal instead of activating a unit during the movement phase. He designates a place on the board and marks it with a small blast marker.

Once deployed the Portal can not be removed from play or moved to a different location. If the roll is failed, activation then reverts to the opponent player. This is taken before any armor or Brace for Impact saves. All Ahead Full. No test is required. Webway Portal The Webway Portal allows units to be placed in reserve before the battle begins. The Eldar player can choose to use his Webway.

The deployed unit is then free to complete its Movement phase as normal. In addition, any Eldar vessel that comes in contact with the portal may choose to leave the board. A vessel that leaves the board in this way can not return later in the game.

Eldar codex pdf 5th edition

For victory conditions, all DP that the vessel lost before fleeing are awarded to the Eldars opponent. Any units in reserve at the end of the game are considered destroyed for the purposes of determining victory conditions.


AQ Craftworld Eldar. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Pity the young races. The Eldar had fought off all who tried to opposed them in their rise to ascendancy. The innovations of the Path and the Craftworlds The loss of an Eldar life is terrible and irreplacable, but no greater horror can occur to an Eldar than to have its soulstone destroyed. Their skills at war are It is this ability that has allowed them to survive for so long against the myriad threats of the Galaxy.

It is limited by the http: Farseer Fleet Upgrades: Grav-tanks must be formed in squadrons of 2 to 5 units Engines of Vaul may be formed in squadrons of vehicles Aircraft can be grouped in squadrons of Holo-Fields Engine of Vaul An Engine of Vaul has the following special rules: Want to Read saving…. Because it showed supplemfnt eldar to be competent.

Craftworld Iyanden — 1d4chan Again more than once, this is not simply referring to the defense of Halathel. With the coming of the Great Rift the craftworld has also seen fresh iyansen, three times overcoming daemonic threats. I wish I were joking. Even when Ward tries to place more focus upon said units he just ends up turning them into glorified HQ choices with things like the Heroes of Iyanden.

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There are very few items and rules beyond dictating how wraithguard now take up troops choices and the like actually help to bolster the army overall. Suncannon and Scattershield on the Wraithknight?

Iyanden is a page full-colour hardback supplement to Codex: Skip to main content. Nicholas Stark rated it really liked it Jul 12, No dobut that is to somehow excuse what happens next. Iyanden lost all its buddies as the Ybaric Cluster was isolated by a warp storm. The one screaming about how he is the best writer in the business and furiously pleasing himself over images of Guilliman.

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