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Download PDF [PDF] transitorie di risonanza magnetica nell'epilessia del lobo temporale PDF download for Alterazioni transitorie di risonanza magnetica. Von Rüden, Neuroscience_HSP70 genetic volwarmdilanmi.cfe di desacyl-ghrelin in un modello d'epilessia del lobo temporalemore. Disturbi cognitivi nell'epilessia del lobo temporale in età volwarmdilanmi.cf Questa pagina è stata visitata 18 volte dal 16 Aprile Fonte: Google Analytics.

Insular epilepsy may share many clinical and electroencephalographic features with temporal lobe epilepsy. RMN demonstrou cavernoma insular anterior direito.

Insular epilepsy has been rarely described in the literature. The insula is one of the five cerebral lobes and its cortex is situated deeply within each hemisphere. It is overlayed by the frontal and temporal neocortex and this explains how difficult it should be to get reliable EEG sampling from insular cortex and to define an "insular epileptic syndrome" as has been done with temporal lobe epilepsy6.

Adequate sampling from the insula can only be obtained by depth or subdural electrodes' implantation or acute intraoperative electrocorticography. Depth or subdural electrodes implantation of the insula faces some technical problems. Since depth electrodes should travel through the sylvian fissure, they should be implanted with especial care for the middle cerebral artery branches within the sylvian fissure and requires 3-D angiograhy and MRI or CT integration to be carried out.

Chronic implantation of the insula with subdural eletrodes requires the split of the sylvian fissure and placement of strip electrodes within this narrow space, which is on the other hand extremely sensitive to the eventual mass effect of the electrodes themselves.

Both procedures have been rarely carried out3. The easiest way of sampling the insula is by means of intraoperative electrocorticography ECoG after the split of the sylvian fissure.

There is a time and spatial limitation exposed cotex while performing ECoG; yet, reliable electrophysiological data can be obtained7. This paper describes a case of insular epilepsy as defined by clinical, imaging and invasive electrophysiological data and discusses the similarities of insular and temporal lobe epilepsy. Autonomic seizures were characterized by an ascending epigastric sensation and was followed by complex partial seizures with right arm automatisms and left arm paresis.

Seizure's frequency was of per month. There were 2 tonic-clonic generalized seizures over the last 3 months but these were sporadic.

Epilessia del lobo frontale

Pre-operative EEG investigation including zygomatic electrodes showed a clear right anterior temporal lobe focus. Neuropsychological testing disclosed a non-dominant fronto-temporal dysfunction. MRI showed an anterior insular cavernoma Fig 1, left.


Cerebral angiography was normal. This patient was submitted to a right fronto-temporal craniotomy under general anesthesia. After the opening of the dura, the sylvian fissure was widely split and electrocorticography electrodes were placed over the exposed surface of the insula and over the frontal and temporal lobes.

Disturbi cognitivi nell'epilessia del lobo temporale in età evolutiva

This referential recording disclosed the presence of independent insular and temporal lobe spiking and of discharges clearly originating from the insula and spreading into the temporal lobe Fig 2. The insular cavernoma and its surrounding gliotic and hemosiderotic tissue were removed using microsurgical techniques. The temporal lobe was left in place and there was no damage to any of its surfaces.

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Epilessia del lobo frontale

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Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría

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